Conservation Science

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of conservation organizations in the world, many of which work in Africa. In my opinion, few of them come close to the effectiveness and importance of the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project – also known as the Gorilla Doctors. Working in the three countries where mountain gorillas are found – […]

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Tom on January 24th, 2014

The government of the Republic of Botswana initiated a hunting ban of game wildlife in all controlled hunting areas or hunting management units throughout the country at the beginning of the year. The ban is temporary, while studies are conducted into the many reasons there have been declines in certain wildlife populations. Without getting into […]

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As I write this, Dr. Michael Hutchins, our Director of Conservation and Science, is leading a wildlife safari in northern Tanzania. He and his fellow travelers will be visiting the location featured in the following article from the Panthera January newsletter. With any luck, they may see one of the prides that this lion helps […]

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