Saturday’s edition of Tanzania’s Daily News featured an in-depth exploration of the Biesa oryx (Oryx biesa) – sometimes known as the East African oryx. This uniquely-adapted antelope is one of my favorites. I’ve trailed small herds in northern Kenya, often witnessing their singular, somewhat ritualized, galloping bursts that they apparently use to reinforce their rank within the herd. They are adapted to the challenges of arid lands, making Kenya’s Samburu National Game Reserve one of the best places I’ve found to observe them.

Part of my fascination with oryxes comes from their long, straight horns. Some believe that the legend of the unicorn can be traced to the horn of the oryx. Once you see their horns, the legend of the unicorn doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Please take a look at the article to learn more about these fascinating antelopes. Here’s the link:

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