We are often asked this question after our travelers read their personalized Pre-departure Safari Guide. Luggage weight limits for most international flights are higher and travelers are often surprised to learn this smaller weight limit applies to their safari flights within East Africa. Photographers are often most concerned as they calculate the total weight of the various cameras and lenses they plan on taking on their safari.

The 33 lb limit is set by the various air carriers which fly between our African destinations. Unlike international flights, the weight limits for these internal flights generally applies to the total weight of all your luggage – including your carry-on.

The majority of the aircraft used for these flights are classified as “light aircraft” – small aircraft that carry 4 to 12 passengers. Each of these aircraft have a designed weight limit and, in order to insure everyone’s safety, the weight of the luggage is limited.

Over the 27 years that I’ve been designing and conducting safaris, I’ve learned a few “techniques” that may help if you have any concerns about the weight of your luggage.

So, if you have questions about your luggage and its weight, give me a call at 336-776-0359 or contact me through the Safari Professionals website.


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