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Land Transport
For many people, the image of a Land Rover comes to mind when they think of traveling in Africa. Originally built as farm vehicles in Great Britain, the Land Rover’s utilitarian ruggedness made them perfect for traveling in Africa – whether exploring the African bush or traveling on roads that are often little more than dirt tracks across the wilderness.
Our safari vehicles are custom-designed 4x4 Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers. They are built to withstand the rigors of bush travel, while providing exceptional safety and comfort. Equipped with roof hatches for easy wildlife viewing and photography, these spacious vehicles allow you to travel wherever you need to go in order to get close to the animals.
While the design of the safari vehicle is important to your safety, proper vehicle maintenance is the most critical element in insuring reliability. Your vehicle is thoroughly inspected and serviced before your safari begins, so your game drives are safe and successful.
First aid kits are included in each vehicle and two-way radios supplement mobile phones to provide instant communication with our main offices and evacuation services, as well as local lodges, camps and national park and reserve offices.
Air Transport
The use of aircraft on your safari reduces the amount of travel time and gives you more time to explore the African bush. For example, the drive from Nairobi to the heart of the Maasai Mara can take over five hours, much of it on marginal roads. The flight from Nairobi's Wilson Airport takes no more than 50 minutes and you may set off on a game drive as soon as you arrive in the Maasai Mara.
And some travelers may not wish to travel extended distances on the often bumpy roads.
For many years we have utilized a small, carefully selected, group of chartered and scheduled air transportation companies for our flight services. Their history of safety is unmatched, as is their reliability in meeting their scheduled commitments.


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