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Council of Conservation and Science Advisors

Wildlife tourism is well-known to have a positive economic impact in the African countries within which viewing safaris are conducted. These contributions to the economy may be felt nationally or locally, with countries such as Kenya and Tanzania ranking tourism among their most significant sources of revenue. Locally, many safari bush camps and lodges pride themselves on staffing their facilities with local residents. And Tom LaRock’s Safari Professionals only hires local guides to conduct our safaris throughout East and Southern Africa.

The money safari tourists spend during their wildlife viewing adventures help insure that national parks, reserves and private lands remain intact and dedicated to the unique creatures that inhabit them. This tourist income has become too important for any serious consideration of changing the use of the land for other purposes, such as mining, farming or hunting. However, safari tourism revenue may not end up being applied directly to conservation challenges that require research, evaluation and action. Most local and international organizations that focus on finding solutions to complex wildlife conservation challenges rely on donations from individuals and organizations who share their passion for Africa’s wildlife.

In keeping with our mission, Tom LaRock’s Safari Professionals continues our commitment to the people and wildlife of Africa through our support for scientific and community-based programs that focus on conserving African wildlife. Our esteemed Council of Conservation and Science Advisors will assist us in evaluating project proposals submitted to our IMPACTONAFRICA program.

We thank these conservation and science professionals for their unending dedication to African conservation and science. With their counsel, our IMPACTONAFRICA conservation programs will continue to have a positive impact on the future of Africa’s wild creatures.


Terry L. Maple, Ph.D – Chair, Council of Conservation and Science Advisors

Michael Hutchins, Ph.D – Director, Conservation and Science

Tom LaRock – Managing Director, Tom LaRock’s Safari Professionals



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