Impact On Africa

During the 35+ years we have designed and conducted African wildlife viewing safaris, we have met a number of people in Africa who have had a positive impact on the lives of others. These extraordinary people face significant challenges in their dedicated efforts that focus on the needs of the local communities or on the wildlife of the regions visited.

IMPACT ON AFRICA is part of our commitment to help them succeed – a selection of local programs in Africa with successful track records of accomplishment. A portion of the proceeds from each of our safaris is set aside to support these IMPACT ON AFRICA initiatives.

Some of our travelers may have the opportunity to meet some of these dedicated people and learn about the IMPACT ON AFRICA projects that have inspired them. Although we never expect our travelers to help us in these efforts, they often do. We are grateful for the contributions of time, talent and money our travelers have given to help the people and wildlife of Africa.

Delia Craig’s legacy –The Lewa Conservancy

We’ve just learned of the passing of one of Africa’s most forward thinking conservationists – Delia Craig. Along with her husband, David, and her sons, Ian and Will, Delia converted their family ranch – then known as Lewa Downs – into...