Earlier this year, you were introduced to Abigael Wanjiku, as she began her secondary school studies in January. The recipient of the Impact On Africa four-year scholarship, Abigael was incredibly excited to launch into her studies at Alliance Girls High School. Of course, no one expected a pandemic that would affect people around the world.
As has happened in countries throughout the world, the Kenyan government closed the schools and Abigael, along with her fellow students, had to return home. As Abigael helped her grandmother, the leadership of her school developed the ability to offer online courses. But access to a computer is exceptionally rare for students in Kenya. When the team at the NYASHEP Education Trust told Safari Professionals that Abigael would need a laptop in order to continue her studies, they arranged for NYASHEP to purchase one along with a modem and the required data bundle.


As you can imagine, Abigael was thrilled to be able to resume her studies. Reading her letter, the striking words, “I want to promise you that I will work very much to succeed,” stand out.



There is no doubt that Abigael will succeed!

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