East Africa

For many, the words “East Africa” conjure up images of vast, rolling grasslands, populated by massive herds of animals and powerful predators. “Serengeti” is, perhaps, the most recognized term in African wildlife travel.

But East Africa is far more than expansive plains. At the border of Kenya and Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro rises from the savanna, as an impressive backdrop to the daily activities of its residents. Kenya’s “Northern Frontier” presents an entirely different set of habitats – semi-arid, although not desert – with species uniquely adapted to life with limited water. The rainforest of Rwanda’s Virunga volcanoes provide food and shelter for one of the world’s most endangered animals – mountain gorillas. And travelers can step back into an early time – reminiscent of the East Africa of the early 20th century safaris – with a visit to Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve.

Explore the magic that each of these destinations – Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda – offers to you and your travelers.