Conservation Organization Partner Program

We view our relationship with our client zoos and aquariums as more than being simply a supplier of customized wildlife conservation travel. When we work with you, we establish a wildlife conservation partnership – a relationship that goes beyond the traditional model.

  • With a combined 60+ years of safari experience – and 60+ years of AZA membership – we offer customized itinerary planning that merges your itineraries with your conservation initiatives.
  • Understanding that many zoos and aquariums have limited resources to invest in wildlife conservation travel, we offer you a wide range of marketing assistance – including personalized marketing materials for your website, social media, email blasts, etc.
  • Going beyond the traditional model includes such additional services as online registration and payments and responding to the inquiries of prospective travelers.
  • In fact, we can serve as your “virtual” wildlife conservation travel department, taking the day-to-day administration of your travel program.
  • The commission rates you earn are negotiable.
  • There are many potential travelers in your market that prefer not to travel with a group – even your group. As a partner, you can offer our private safari planning services to your donors, board members, strategic partners and other key supporters. There is usually a $400 fee for private safari planning, which we waive for those you refer to us.
  • You and your travelers will have the email addresses and mobile phone numbers of your service team so any questions or concerns can be quickly addressed.
  • Safari Professionals (through its former World Safaris division) is the only travel company that supported the AZA throughout the pandemic by exhibiting at the 2020 and 2021 virtual AZA annual conferences.
  • We designate a minimum of 10% of our net revenue to our Impact On… programs. These include support for the Dr. Michael Hutchins Impact on Wildlife Fund, donations to in-situ conservation organizations and secondary school scholarships for young women.

If you are considering rebuilding your travel program or starting a new one, please give us an opportunity to explore your goals and how, as your partner, we may help you create an exciting and effective Wildlife Conservation Travel Program.

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