Delicious and Nutritious Meals

Part of the heart and soul of safari travel is the very special way guests are cared for – including the meals they are served. Every place we stay at takes pride in their culinary staff, many of whom have be trained by professional chefs from around the world. You’ll find that your safari chefs are intensely passionate about creating tasty, healthy, and interesting meals.

Local or regional fresh fruits, vegetables and even herbs play an important role in delighting guests. Chefs and their staff spend hours behind the scenes lovingly attending to the intricate details involved in the creation of their art.

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today! 800-981-4474

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today!

Starting before dawn until well after the stars come out, their mission is to provide delicious and lasting nourishment. They take this mission seriously.

Those with particular dietary concerns or preferences are as welcome at the table as all others, no matter if the table is set in a lodge, in the bush, or under the lantern filled branches of an acacia tree. We send detailed information to our chefs about your dietary needs or preferences so that each meal meets your needs. The African safari gratifies all the senses, visual, auditory, tactile, aromatic and taste. The blend of skills and knowledge combined with fine ingredients and the love of cooking cause our guests to linger at the table and relish fine dining.

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