Elaine Hartung

Elaine Hartung


Dr. Terry L. Maple

Elaine’s professional background in designing and facilitating workshops and groups, as well as her experiences as an artist, helps bring a softer or gentler side to safari life. In addition to assisting with evaluating accommodations, she helps travelers maximize other aspects of their safari – from visiting a Maasai village, to making sure there is unhurried time to relax and enjoy the ambiance of Africa.

“Somewhat like Tom, I was introduced to Africa during elementary school. I was given a sepia-colored postcard of Lake Victoria and assigned to study this area and write a report. The graceful fluidity of the lake contrasted with the flat, parched land surrounding it, and I was mesmerized! I can still recall that postcard and sitting in the classroom dreaming of this far away land.

The safaris in which I have participated have enriched my life. The focus of the safaris is wildlife viewing from the varying geographical areas. The opportunity of being in that natural setting, so close to wildlife, is a moving experience. And, although it is thrilling to be “out in the bush,” there is much to be said about having the opportunity to take time to sketch or paint or walk about with a camera. The colors of Kenya are intense and impressive.

Watching the setting sun fill the sky with opulent rays makes me wonder what heaven will be like. The past few safaris I have taken just a sketch book and left the photography to Tom. My intention was to sketch what I saw with the hope that my memories of these magical places it would remain more vivid.

I offer a “softer” aspect to the safari experience: encouraging others to spend a little time to “just be.” If it is possible to absorb some of this enthralling environment – it will enrich the mind, body and spirit. Part of my responsibilities at Safari Professionals is to make recommendations on the accommodations and the cultural activities that some travelers desire. We have stayed in enchanting two-story tree houses, danced and dined on a beach under the stars, and visited artists, sculptors, and designers.

Sometimes I think about the little girl with the postcard of Lake Victoria and how her desire to see that place has come true. It is rewarding to be instrumental in helping others make their dreams come true. Please do call us and tell us about your safari dreams; we will work with you to make them a reality. Your life will be enriched.”