Oklahoma City Zoo Galapagos

Cabin Selection
Thank you once again for registering for the Oklahoma City Zoo’s Galapagos Safari in partnership with Safari Professionals. At this time, we’d like to share a few details about the private, luxury yacht for your safari. We also want to begin the process of allowing you to choose your cabin.

As stated previously, you will be asked to select your cabin in the order in which you registered and paid your deposit. If this is the first time viewing this page from a link you received in an email, then it’s your turn!

Read the information below and, using the diagrams, select your cabin by clicking the corresponding button below and filling out the short form with your name and submit it, so we can register your selection. You will receive a confirmation email within 1 to 2 business days.

The guest areas aboard the yacht are as follows:
(decks from bottom to top)
Main Deck:
2 Cabins (Double or Twin beds) 140 ft²/13.5 m², dining room, bar, social area

Upper Deck:
2 Cabins (Double or Twin beds) 120 ft²/11.2 m², 4 Cabins (Double or Twin beds) 130 ft²/12.2 m²

Sun Deck:
Jacuzzi, al fresco dining and social area
All cabins are fresh and modern with ensuite bathrooms. Each cabin has individual climate control, TV, hair dryer, 2 USB plugs and storage area and a large viewing window. Please check the images below.

Upper Deck
Main Deck
Please use the buttons below and submit your name to select your cabin.
Yacht Gallery for the Galapagos 2023 Safari
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