Snow Leopard Photo Safari

Don’t miss this opportunity to photograph one of the most photogenic locations we’ve ever experienced!

We have designed this snow leopard photo safari to create the combined experience of wildlife, landscape, and culture.

On the borders of Tibet is the district of Ladakh, India— the best place to see snow leopards in the world. Here, in the high, desolate grandeur of arid mountains, tourism is being leveraged to protect these magnificent cats. In the beauty of Ladakh’s winter landscape, your search for the grey ghost will become the adventure of a lifetime!

The entire experience is an almost spiritual connection with this indescribably beautiful landscape and its wild inhabitants. Add to this the exclusivity of the location, which makes for a truly superb high-altitude wilderness experience. To become one of about 4,000 people to ever see snow leopards in the wild is a moving experience that will change your life. We hope that you can join us in search of the grey ghost!