While exploring northern Tanzania with a small group of our travelers, Tiffany came across an account of one of the rarest wildlife encounters that can occur while on an African safari. Londolozi is one of the private reserves west of Kruger National Park. It is one of her favorite destinations in South Africa and is famous for its population of leopards.
However, this story isn’t about leopards – it’s about an animal that is literally the “rarest of the rare” – the pangolin – an ant and termite-eating mammal that wears a coat of scales to protect itself. Yes – scales on a mammal! Several of our repeat travelers that Tiffany has taken to Africa have put this unique creature at the top of their “must see” list. She hasn’t been successful yet but some of them will be exploring southern Africa again with her next January in the hope of getting that once-in-a-lifetime sighting of a pangolin.

A pangolin, Smutsia temminckii, lies curled up in brown grass

Let her know if you’d like to learn more about Londolozi – one of the best wildlife destinations in Africa!
Here is the story of this amazing safari experience: http://blog.londolozi.com/2015/01/a-pangolin-to-start-2015-with-a-bang/