Travel Insurance

Your Safety
Effective communication while on safari is vital to your health and safety. It allows us to contact emergency assistance in the unlikely event that it is needed. And, being able to stay in touch with family and friends can provide additional peace of mind for everyone.

With over three decades of safari travel behind us, we have chosen Travel Guard as our trusted provider of travel insurance. Why? Because we have seen them in action.

Just three days before his safari, one of our travelers had a recurrence of a medical condition that prevented him from taking part in his safari. Because he had purchased the proper travel insurance, he received a complete refund of all his travel costs.

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today! 800-981-4474

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today!

While on safari, another traveler received a message that his elderly father was critically ill. Even though we were deep in the African bush, a cell phone call to Travel Guard was all it took to make arrangements for tickets on the next available flight home for him and his wife – and they received a full refund on the unused portion of their safari.

In the interest of full disclosure, Safari Professionals is an agent for Travel Guard and receives commissions on travel insurance sales. A portion of the commissions earned from the sales of travel insurance go to support our Impact On Africa programs.

While I’ve purchased travel insurance before and never used it, its great to know that this option is available.