What is
Your Dream?

When you close your eyes and picture yourself on an African safari, what do you see?


Families of elephants escorting their babies in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro


A pride of lions attentively scanning the horizon


Thousands of wildebeests and zebras migrating through the grasslands of the Serengeti


A silverback mountain gorilla munching on wild celery


Walking through the African bush, in the company of Maasai tribesmen


Capturing that perfect photograph of a dramatic African sunset


Since 1983, we have helped travelers realize their dreams of Africa!

Our goal is to simplify the safari planning process by identifying your dreams and desires, as well as your concerns and expectations.By helping you prioritize each of these, we provide the components you need to make your dream of an African safari come true.” … come to life.

Our commitment to you is to design and conduct the highest quality African wildlife viewing safari, which meets your needs and interests, exceeds your expectations and offers you excellent value, while contributing to the well being of the people and wildlife of Africa.

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