10 Stunning Places Where the Desert Meets the Ocean

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When deserts meet the sea, the results are often spectacular. African desert meets the Atlantic Ocean in the Western Sahara and in Namibia. The Sahara also reaches the Red Sea in the east. In Northern Chile, the Atacama Desert meets the Pacific Ocean dramatically. The Indian Ocean touches desert at Western Australia’s Coral Coast, Pakistan’s Sindh Coast, and Iran’s Darak Beach (where the ocean merges with the Oman Sea). The deserts of the Arabian Peninsula are hemmed in by the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. In Antarctica, the iced-over Polar Desert abuts the coastline. In North America, Oregon’s dunes meet the North Pacific, while the Baja Peninsula is bracketed by the Pacific and the Gulf of California.


Key Takeaways:

  • There are 400 different stone monuments such as stone circles and curved rock walls between the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains.
  • The Atacama Desert meets the Pacific ocean where you will see dramatic cliffs drop into long beaches.
  • The Arabian desert meets the Red Sea and is very essential for shipping Persian gulf oil which is important for the world’s economy.


“From the dry and arid Sahara Desert to Australia’s colorful Coral Coast, here are ten places where the land meets the sea.”

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Pillars of the old railroad bridge over the mouth of the Swakop River at Swakopmund in the Namibia Desert on the Atlantic Coast of Namibia