“We just had the most amazing experience. It was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve been on.” – Ann Snyder

When creating a business, one of the most important aspects is choosing a name that tells the customers what the business does. And, in today’s world, that name must be available as an internet domain.

The search for the perfect name began with making lists of potential names and checking to see if they had a .com domain available. After dozens and dozens of times finding that this and that name’s domain was already owned by someone else, a reference to a movie titled “The Professionals” popped up. The Professionals… Yes, Safari Professionals.

It was a name that perfectly reflected the business’s expertise in helping travelers create their dream safari– and better yet, the internet domain was still available for purchase!

The next step was to find the perfect visual identity for Safari Professionals– a logo. It was clear that the logo should depict an African animal, and when the designer explained that most of our potential travelers would recognize the giraffe as a uniquely African animal, Safari Professionals gained its face.

Kenya luxury safaris remain a common favorite. It’s unique geographic diversity gives us an incredible variety of wildlife species, including many not found elsewhere. And Kenya is the only country where you are able to see three species of giraffe: the reticular giraffe, the Rothchild’s giraffe, and the Maasai giraffe!