The NYASHEP Education Trust in Kenya is one of the successful organizations we support in Kenya. Secondary education (the equivalent of grades 9-12 in the USA) is not provided by the government and usually requires attending a boarding school. The expense puts the ability of many families to send their child to school out of reach. NYASHEP was created to seek funds for scholarships to provide life-changing educational opportunities for those who would otherwise not continue their education.




As part of their commitment to the Impact On Africa initiatives, Safari Professionals is happy to introduce you to Abigael Ng’anga Wanjiku, the recipient of our scholarship to Alliance Girls High School. Abigael was selected by a panel of interviewers from among eight finalists and she began her studies in January. Needless to say, she was very excited to be chosen and Safari Professionals is equally thrilled to provide her with this opportunity.




Please stay tuned for updates on Abigael’s experiences. At this time, communication with her is limited to letters sent via courier service. However, Tom hopes to meet her during the safari he’s leading in Kenya June. If you are interested in learning more about providing scholarships for students in Kenya, please call 800-779-2146.