“We just had the most amazing experience. It was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve been on.” – Ann Snyder

Tortilis Camp sits in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro at the edge of Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. When the Mountain decides to cooperate, you wake up and look out at the shining top of “Kili.” However, don’t be surprised if, as guide David Kariithi used to say, the Mountain is shy today and will not look out from behind the clouds.
Created by Stefano Cheli and Liz Peacock, Tortilis is one of Safari Professionals’ favorite camps in all of Africa! The beauty of Amboseli and its elephants is perfectly complemented by Tortilis’ comfortable tented rooms and its dramatic lounge and dining room, perched on top of a steep hill. However, many travelers who have visited Tortilis compliment another element of the Cheli & Peacock experience – the Italian-inspired cuisine, complete with fresh vegetables grown in their own garden.
A past winner of the “Tourism for Tomorrow” award, Tortilis has now raised the ante with the installation of a complete solar system to provide electricity. Safari Professionals already recommend Tortilis to everyone who wishes to visit Amboseli. Now they can proudly point to one more example of their exceptional wildlife conservation leadership. Well done, Stefano and Liz!
To learn more about Tortilis Camp, contact Safari Professionals here or call 800-779-2146.