Estella’s Elephant Twins

In 1980, the first set of elephant twins were found – a male and female born to Estella. But at this time, no one knew how rare twin births were. In the Amboseli ecosystem, another set of twins (a male and a female) weren’t seen until 37 years later, when Paru gave birth to twins in 2018.

The team at the Amboseli Elephant Trust didn’t have to wait another 37 years for another set of twins to arrive. After such a long wait, you can imagine the excitement this February when it was discovered that Angelina had given birth to twins, a male and a female, see photo below.

But Mother Nature is unpredictable and loves to provide us with surprises. On July 7, another set of twins was found. The proud mother is Pazia, who is a member of an elephant family that spends most of its time outside Amboseli National Park. Fortunately, the family returned and the research team was treated to the sight of these two 3-4 month old twins.