Emergency Medical Assistance

In the unlikely event that you need emergency medical assistance while on safari, the Safari Professionals team stands ready to assist you. As an example, in East Africa, you will be automatically enrolled in the Flying Doctor Society. Should you need it, membership entitles you to emergency medical care in the field and emergency transport to Nairobi in case of serious illness or accident.

A quick call to Nairobi, by mobile or satellite phone, will mobilize an aircraft with the appropriate medical personnel on board. Their aircraft are specifically designed to land in the rugged African bush.

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today! 800-981-4474

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today!

For more information about the Flying Doctor Society, please visit their website at www.flyingdoctorsafrica.org.

Travel insurance also offers assistance with emergency medical services. For more information, please visit our travel insurance page.

“No one expects to have a medical emergency while on safari but I was relieved to find help was a short plane ride away!”