The Five Fun Activities You Can Enjoy at Amalinda Lodge

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A private wilderness of granite
For almost three decades, the Stead Family has called the stunning granite landscape of Matopos their home. They’ve lived in harmony with the gorgeous wildlife that shares this home with them and, more recently, visitors who’d like to experience this stunning location for themselves.

Thus, the Amalinda Lodge was born.
Providing a luxury safari experience, the lodge is equipped with everything you and your family need to enjoy your vacation. In addition to the lodge, the Amalinda Private Villa offers an intimate experience in private surroundings.
Amalinda also serves as your gateway to an experience unlike any other. With the lodge as your base, you have the opportunity to explore the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe’s oldest National Park. To ensure you receive the fullest experience possible, the Amalinda Lodge offers an array of interesting activities to allow you to get up close and personal with the park’s wildlife.

Activity #1 – The Rhino Tracking AdventureThe Matobo Hills are one of the very few places where you have the opportunity to see both black and white rhinos in their natural habitat. These marvelous animals, which have unfortunately been hunted to near extinction in many parts of Africa, are nestled deep within the hills and provide a stunning sight for those who are able to find them.

With the help of Amalinda Lodge’s experienced guides, you can be one of the few who gets to see them.
The Rhino Tracking Adventure allows you to search for animals, both in vehicles and on foot. The result is an unforgettable experience as you’re able to soak in a sight that few others will ever get to see.

Activity #2 – The My Beautiful Home Bicycle Ride.
While the Amalinda Lodge offers a luxury experience with all of the modern trappings you expect, you may wish to absorb more of what rural Zimbabwe has to offer. This gorgeous cycle route takes you deep into the heart of the rural villages that the Matabele people call home.
You will see the wonderful homesteads that the Matabele have created and be treated to hospitality the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. Filled with stunning natural scenery, this well-planned cycle route offers a deeper understanding of the people who’ve called the Matobo Hills their home for centuries.
You may choose to expand on this experience with the lodge’s cultural and village tours, which offer you the chance to spend more time with the Matabele. These visits allow you to tour the local “pole and dagga” huts directly, in addition to seeing a traditional healer in action.

Activity #3 – The Infinity Rock Pool
After a long day of exploring, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up and relaxing. While the lodge itself offers a tranquil space, perhaps the best place to relax in the stunning Infinity Rock Pool.
Offering breathtaking views of the Matobo Hills, swimming in the pool provides a serene experience where you can wash away the labors of the day.

Activity #4 – Visit the Tomb of Cecil Rhodes
The former prime minister of Cape Colony, a role that he served in between 1890 and 1896, Cecil Rhodes was a key figure in the building of relationships between the British and African people. His stance of tolerance, learning, and understanding had an enormous impact and his world-famous tomb is located in the granite hills of Matobo.
Referred to as “View of the World”, the tomb provides an interesting historical experience, as well as offering you a chance to reflect on the magnificence of your surroundings.

Activity #5 – The Railway Museum Located in Bulawayo, the National Railway Museum is one of the largest of its kind on the African continent. It offers examples of almost every train and carriage that ever operated on the vast National Railways of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe. It is also home to Cecil John Rhodes’ personal carriage.
An interactive experience, the museum actively encourages guests to climb inside the trains and lose themselves in the days of traditional steam engines.

More Than a Zimbabwe Safari
Amalinda Lodge is your gateway to a stunning safari experience that takes in the scenic granite hills of Matopos and allows you to catch rare glimpses of rhinos in their natural habitat.
But it is so much more than that.
A slice of luxury surrounded by stunning scenery, Amalinda is also your ticket to learning more about Zimbabwe and its people. The Matobo Hills offer a little bit of everything, allowing you to explore one of Zimbabwe’s most unique safari destinations.