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It’s not just Africa anymore!

Scribner's March 1910

In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt traveled to East and North Africa on a hunting expedition that lasted almost a year. He chronicled his adventures in a series of magazine articles in Scribner’s Magazine – articles that would later be published, with additional material, under the title “African Game Trails.” Roosevelt’s book sold more copies in the United States in 1910 than any other book, with the exception of the Bible. The magazine and the book popularized the Swahili term for journey – “safari.”

Since then, “safari” has become most often associated with wildlife travel in sub-Saharan Africa. At World Safaris, we apply the term to journeys throughout the world – adventures to the magical places people visit to explore the natural world and experience wildlife first hand. Please use the menu to the left to discover more about these journeys – the ones we file under Wildlife Conservation Travel.