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Should I Be Concerned?

Your healthy and safety are absolutely the most important priorities for us throughout your safari.

Questions about health are among the leading concerns posed by prospective travelers to Africa. Since 1983, Safari Professionals has been trusted by travelers to answer all their questions and provide them with a safe and comfortable safari.

We personally travel to Africa on a regular basis – often, several times a year. In addition, we are in constant communication with our local professional staff in Africa, enabling us to anticipate your health and safety needs. Our planning for your safari will incorporate careful consideration of contingencies that might arise during your safari.

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today! 800-981-4474

Questions? Contact a Safari Professional today!

Our local staff in Africa is highly trained to handle health and safety issues, should they arise. As an example, our safari guides in Kenya repeat their formal training in first aid and CPR on a regular basis. And today’s communication technology enables you to have quick access to additional assistance anytime during your journey.

Thorough preparation is the other critical element in making sure you remain safe and healthy during your travels. We are always available to answer your questions and our Safari Guide will provide you with detailed information you need to be ready to enjoy your African safari.

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“From the time we were greeted at the airport by our guide and through each of the game drives, we always felt safe. The guides really do a great job addressing any concerns.”