Tanzania Spotlight: Zanzibar

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To me, the word itself always brought a sense of a mysteriously exotic place – an isolated island world, rich in the traditions of an ancient and unfamiliar culture and high on my bucket list. When I finally arrived, I found my high expectations were exceeded.
It only takes about an hour to fly to this Indian Ocean archipelago from Arusha. As I entered the terminal, I was met by our VIP greeter, who whisked me through passport control, collected my luggage and took me to meet my driver. My adventures in Zanzibar had begun!
While visiting a beautiful tropical beach is one of life’s most relaxing experiences, there is a wide variety of activities available, ranging from scuba diving on the stunning coral reef and wind surfing to a tranquil voyage on a Swahili dhow – the kind of sailing vessel that has been traveling these waters for centuries. My favorite activity was exploring the exposed coral reef at low tide. The tide pools contained a variety of fishes, as well as some of the tastier creatures, such as lobster, crab and octopus. Each day, I watched as Zanzibari gatherers brought some of the ocean’s bounty to the kitchen – key ingredients in the island’s exquisite Swahili coastal cuisine. Swahili meals are uniquely rich in flavor and infused with the island’s culture.
Leaving the best for last, I was escorted through the ancient streets of Stone Town – its narrow winding streets, coral stone buildings and intricately carved doors a reflection of its multicultural heritage. Thie UNESCO World Heritage Site has been a unique melting pot of Arab, Persian, Indian and European influences. Zanzibar’s history is deeply rooted in the spice trade, and visiting a spice farm was a delightful experience. Learning about the cultivation of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and other spices was not only educational but also wonderfully aromatic.
Zanzibar, with its mix of history, culture, and natural beauty, left me with lasting memories that impacted each of my five senses. Whether you seek relaxation on the beaches or an exploration of the island’s rich heritage, Zanzibar has something to offer every traveler.

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Tom LaRock
Founder & CEO (Chief Exploration Officer)
Safari Professionals