The Serengeti Shall Not Die!

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In 1959, Dr. Bernard Grzimek declared that the “Serengeti Shall Not Die,” through his groundbreaking film and book of the same name. His Academy Award winning documentary introduced the Serengeti migration to a worldwide audience. Dr. Grzimek’s pioneering work led the way for today’s conservation scientists, who continue to probe the mysteries of life on the East African savannas of Tanzania and Kenya.

In recent years, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park faced the threat of a road being built in its northern region – across the centuries-old route of the Serengeti migration. In response, a group of concerned safari leaders organized a Save the Serengeti campaign, mobilizing international pressure from around the world. The immediate plans for building the “Serengeti Highway” were shelved. Joining this effort were a small group of safari companies, who came together as Friends of the Serengeti. Safari Professionals is proud to be a member of Friends of the Serengeti.

Additional threats to the wildlife of the Serengeti continue to arise. Proposals to dam Kenya’s Mara River could cut off much of the life-sustaining water that supports the profusion of wildlife in the Serengeti. Recently, there have even been reports of plans to build large resorts and, possibly, even a theme park, in an effort to increase tourism.

Wildlife tourism is the primary reason the Serengeti has remained relatively intact and may be the best hope of insuring its survival. Therefore, one of the most important actions you may take to help in this initiative is to visit the Serengeti with Safari Professionals.

As a member of Friends of the Serengeti, Safari Professionals will continue to join forces with those who strive to protect the Serengeti – one of Africa’s most precious wildlife conservation destinations.