Why polar bears are walking around with colored dots on their fur

by | Summary, Tom's Take

There are bears being spotted in some zoos with dye on their fur and most casual observers didn’t know why for the longest time. What we found out is that they are being dyed because researchers want to know more about their life cycle. There were many bears around the world with various colors dyed in them. It was said that the color has no impact on the results and there wasn’t a specific reason they were the colors they were.



Key Takeaways:
• The bears are colored various colors for tracking data purposes
• The colors don’t matter at all but were there to help separate who did the dying.
“The main elements scientists want to address is the quickness of their hair growth and when it occurs”
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Read more: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/why-polar-bears-walking-around-150511527.html