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Education is the single most important element that leads to a successful, meaningful and satisfying future. The Nyashep Education Trust is a Kenyan community-based initiative that assists underprivileged but promising children to complete secondary school education in Kenya. Secondary education in Kenya is the equivalent of high school in the USA. However, many children are prevented from attending secondary school due to the fees and costs involved.
Through the award of academic scholarships, The Nyashep Education Trust strives to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children by ensuring that limited resources no longer prevent these youths from receiving a good education. To date, the Trust has supported 146 bright young students, giving them access to a quality education. These young people are enrolled in different secondary and tertiary institutions across the nation.


Safari Professionals has made the commitment to provide a four-year scholarship to a deserving student through their Impact On Africa. After a review by the team at NYASHEP, the scholarship was awarded to Abigael Ng’anga Wanjiku. You may learn more about Abigael in our blog here.